Express 30 min | $20

An affordable pedicure for basic nail care maintenance. Includes nail-shaping and your choice of lacquer or buff-shine. Halal polishes also available here.

Express Gel 30 min | $45 

For quick & fuss-free nails on demand with no drying time. Includes nail-shaping and your choice of less-toxic gel.

Classic 60 min | $45 

The gateway to well-groomed, healthy feet: meet your essential classic pedicure in Singapore. Includes nail-shaping, cuticle care, an exfoliating scrub, filing of rough soles, a moisturizing foot massage and your choice of lacquer or buff-shine.

Classic Gel 60 min | $85

Our best-selling gel pedicure in Singapore. This chip-free polish provides long lasting wear with no downtime or worries about your shoe choice post-service. Comes inclusive of all pedi essentials and your choice of less-toxic gel.

Deluxe 75 min | $90

This luxurious vegan + organic spa pedicure is another crowd-favourite here, especially for our clean-beauty lovers! Enriched with the freshest natural ingredients to give your feet ample nutrition, just one session will leave your feet rejuvenated and well-rested. Comes inclusive of a nourishing mud masque, organic creme butter foot massage and all pedi essentials. Choose from our signature aromatic blends: Cucumber, Lavender, Vitamin C or Ocean Breeze.

Deluxe Gel 75 min | $115

Better with gel and absolutely no drying time. Indulge in one of the best pedicures in Singapore and give your feet all the TLC it deserves with our vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free spa formulation. Comes inclusive of a nourishing mud masque, organic creme butter foot massage and your choice of less-toxic gel.

Sports 75 min | $90

The best pedicure in Singapore for active men & women or those who often find themselves with rough, tired feet. Featuring complete callus treatment care, this pedicure pays special attention to dry, cracked heels and is one of the best callus treatment pedicure out there! Feel fresh right after. Includes exfoliation of calluses, foot masque, natural scrub and a light massage.

Gentlemen 45 min | $48

Made for the perfectly well-groomed gentlemen. Includes the essential steps without the paint and polish. A must-have pedicure for men.

Mini-Me 25 min | $15

For the little ones (12 years and under). Just like mom's pedicure, only smaller.