Nourishing Treats

Skin Booster 10 min | $25

Nail Mask Treatment  | $58

Collagen Mask | $48

Facing dry, dull or wrinkled skin? Our hands and feet often show the first signs of aging, so adding a booster to your mani or pedi is more than essential to improve skin hydration, elasticity and radiance. Pick from our selection of boosters: Anti-Aging, Whitening & Moisturizing – and work your way to silky smooth hands & feet! 

Signature Nail Masque 20 min | $30

Our award-winning nail treatment for dry, dehydrated or yellow-stained nails. Exclusively formulated in Germany, this treatment features active ingredients of Calcium and Aloe Vera that effectively restores and hydrates nails while improving polish durability.

Corn Treatment | $98 

Anti Fungal 2-in-1 Nail Treatment | $108 

Anti Fungal 3-in-1 Nail Treatment | $128

Anti Fungal 4-in-1 Nail Treatment | $158

Looking for a highly effective anti fungal nail treatment in Singapore? We have the best fungus nail treatments that combines nature’s best anti-fungal agents, essential oils and fungus-fighting extracts like tea tree oil, clove oil and argan oil to combat nail fungus! Paired with light therapy to relief itching and eliminate discolouration. If you are in need of the best nail or toenail fungus treatment in Singapore, look no further!

UV Protect Collagen Masque 30 min | $40

For youthful skin and beautiful nails. Loaded with shea butter & collagen rich emulsion, this cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free hand/foot masque intensively moisturizes skin while reversing signs of aging. Made with biodegradable material. A perfect pair to our manicures and pedicures.

Goodbye Callus (Callus Removal Treatment) 30 min | $58

Callus 3 in 1 | $98

We use our feet everyday and so it's no wonder why we often find ourselves with dry and rough soles. Introduce your feet to our best-selling callus removal treatment! Using an all-natural formula from Switzerland, this foot callus treatment efficiently removes and eliminates dry, cracked and callus heels. Hello baby smooth soles!