Express 30 min | $18

An affordable manicure in Singapore for basic nail care maintenance. Includes nail-shaping and a lacquer or buff-shine. Options for halal manicure also available here. 

Express Gel 30 min | $40

For quick & fuss-free nails on demand with no drying time. Meet the affordable gel manicure in Singapore that's so well-loved by our busy go-getters. Includes nail-shaping and your choice of less-toxic gel.

Classic 60 min | $35

An essential for clean, well-groomed & healthy nails and hands. Includes nail-shaping, cuticle care, a moisturizing massage and a lacquer or buff-shine. Options for a halal manicure in Singapore also available here.

Classic Gel 60 min | $68

Made for all our gel-lovers, this chip-free polish provides long lasting wear with no absolutely no downtime or worries about washing or using your hands post-service. Includes all manicure essentials and your choice of less-toxic gel. Come, experience the best gel manicure in Singapore!

Deluxe 75 min | $65

This luxurious vegan + organic spa manicure is another crowd-favourite here at NGC, especially for our clean-beauty lovers! Enriched with the freshest natural ingredients to give your hands the nutrition it needs, just one session will leave your hands looking rejuvenated and well-rested. Includes a nourishing mud masque, organic creme butter hand massage and all manicure essentials. Choose from our signature aromatic blends: Cucumber, Lavender, Vitamin C or Ocean Breeze.

Deluxe Gel 75 min | $95

Deluxe manicure, but better with absolutely no drying time. Indulge in one of the best spa + gel manicure experiences in Singapore with a peace of mind and give your feet all the TLC it deserves with our vegan, cruelty-free and organic spa formulation. Comes inclusive of all deluxe essentials and your choice of less-toxic gel.

Gentlemen 60 min | $38

Made for the perfectly well-groomed gentlemen. Includes the essential steps without the paint and polish. An affordable manicure for men in Singapore.

Mini-Me 25 min | $12

For the little ones (4 – 12 years old). Just like mom's manicure, only smaller.