We always viewed nail care as an essential part of personal care and wellness. We believe in adhering to high standards so as to ensure your satisfaction.

01 / Always Responsible

We believe that beauty in wellness goes hand-in-hand. That’s why we carefully select our nail care products from some of the best companies out there for your ease and peace of mind. This stringent selection process allows us to be responsible and focus on curating products that are as clean as possible — i.e. cutting out toxins and using plant-based ingredients whenever we can. 

02 / Always Clean & Healthy

Over at our nail salon, we are committed to ensuring your nail care experience is always a clean and healthy one. We do this by maintaining an open-concept salon environment that is free from toxic fumes and adhering to high sanitisation standards. Not only do we offer disposable nail kits and sterilise all nail tools after each use, we also utilise MagnaCleanse Technology in our pedicure chairs and line our tubs with biodegradable liners – offering the most hygienic pedicure treatment in the market. Here are some other things we do differently: 

  • E-File Gel Removal Method v.s Soak Off Gel Polish

While soak off gel polish is a traditional method of gel polish removal, we do not practice it in our salon as it involves soaking of our nails and hands in acetone – a substance that has long known to be harmful for health. As part of our commitment to modern non-toxic nail care, we only use e-files in our gel removal process as it is quicker and safer for everyone. The use of e-files also ensures that our customers never come in contact with any harmful substances, which is one of the best options for quality nail care.

Nevertheless, we understand that some customers still prefer the traditional soak off gel polish. While we strongly advise against it, it may still be needed in some cases (especially if polishes with strong chemicals were used at previous salons). 

  • Availability of Non-Toxic, Halal Nail Polish

Here at NGC, we provide a wide array of services and products to choose from, including those that are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. We also offer halal nail polish in our selection of lacquers. Brands we carry include Orly Breathable (certified halal nail polish & 13-free), LCN (10-free), Zoya (5-free) and Very Good Nail (5-free). We understand that consumers have different needs, hence we are always sourcing for the best specialty nail care products out there in the market.


03 / Always Good

At the heart of Nails & Good Company is our passion to build our brand and business based on good and reliable practices. We believe that good is better, and that being better is an advantage. That's what we aim to bring to you through our products and services – good, reliable care that support your lifestyle in the best way possible.