We noticed a gap in Singapore: in a city bustling with beauty parlours and nail salons, there was still a growing demand for salons where people could relax and enjoy quality nail care in a clean and comfortable setting.

This led to the start of Nails & Good Company.

Founded in 2018, we built the brand with a focus on creating greater awareness of non-toxic nail care. While doing so, several practices within the salon were implemented to ensure quality nail care. This includes curating non-toxic products, adhering to responsible good-for-you practices and maintaining a clean, healthy salon environment. Together with our team, we strived to deliver a nail care experience like no other –  one that is clean, comfortable and always fuss-free.

In the continuous pursuit towards non-toxic care, we were determined to do more and founded NGC Beauty & Lifestyle – an online destination that offers quality goods and services. With a focus on catering to the needs of the community, we look to curating and developing new and better products that improve personal care, while staying relevant and on-trend. We also adhere to a stringent selection process that allows us to stay responsible as curators and producers – thereby offering goods that are authentic, effective, and as "clean" possible. 

Today, we continue to stay inspired by our community while leading with innovative, on-trend and timeless goods & services through our online platform, salon and partner brands.